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The practice of cultivating large amounts of land with only one single type of crop. A 10 acre field of soy beans would be a monoculture of soy beans.


The number of monoculture crops have increased dramatically, and this shift has been influenced by both political and economic forces. Technological advances that allow for an increase in monoculture include mechanization, the improvement of crop varieties, and the development of agrochemicals to fertilize crops and control weeds and pests. As a result, farms today are fewer, larger, more specialized, and more capital intensive. 


Usage example: "On the surface, city landscapes look so different from the expanses of grain and beans that stretch through the middle of the continent. But just as the monoculture of plants is not grown to feed people, neither is the space in cities dedicated to meeting the daily needs of the people who live there" (39).



Urban farms: Saskatchewan, Canada (by Andrea del Moral) and Detroit, MI (by cleo). In Woelfle-Erskine (Ed.), Urban Wilds: Gardeners’ Stories of the Struggle for Land and Justice (Oakland: water/under/ground), pp.33-42.





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